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Skin, Hair and Nails, OH MY!

  1. If your hair is looking super greasy, dried and straw-like, discolored, broken-off and fuzzy, frizzy, tangled, engrossed with split-ends, or you have an itchy scalp with dandruff/scaling: it’s your endocrine system.
  2. If your skin has a funny yellowish/other color tint, is producing lots of acne-causing oils and blackheads, growing abnormal amounts of hair/ingrown hairs, is dry, cracked, flaky or discolored: it’s your endocrine system.
  3. If your nails are splitting, breaking off, ingrown, bleeding or cracked at the cuticle, discolored, really thin, flimsy or extra thick: it’s your endocrine system.
  4. If you are constantly getting sick, have swollen lymph nodes, have a chronic ailment related to your immune system: it’s most likely due to a dysfunctional gland(s) within the endocrine system; unfortunately, this dysfunction may prove to be an accurate reflection of lifestyle choices.

Your endocrine system is a collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate your body’s growth, metabolism, and sexual development and function.  The hormones are released into the blood stream and transported to tissues and organs throughout the body.  The endocrine system consists of:

  • Pineal body-Involved with daily biological cycles
  • Pituitary-Produces a number of different hormones that influence other various endocrine glands
  • Hypothalamus-Activates and controls the part of the nervous system responsible for many involuntary bodily functions (for example, regulating sleep or stimulating appetite) and influences hormones
  • Thyroid gland-Produces hormones that stimulate body heat production, bone growth, and the body’s metabolism
  • Parathyroids-Secretes a hormone that maintains calcium levels in the circulatory system
  • Thymus gland-Plays a role in the body’s immune system
  • Adrenal glands-Divided into 2 regions; secrete hormones that influence the body’s metabolism, blood chemicals and body characteristics, as well as influence the part of the nervous system that is involved in the response and defense against stress
  • Pancreas-Secretes a hormone (insulin) that controls the use of glucose by the body
  • Ovaries-Secrete hormones that influence female characteristics
  • Testicles-Secrete hormones that influence male characteristics

If any of these glands are not functioning the way they are supposed to, your body outwardly displays these problems through parts of us that essentially pertain to beauty standards (skin, hair, nails, sexual organs and our weight/body shape/size).  Maintaining a healthy endocrine system helps your body perform many of its vital functions, such as growth, development, reproduction and immunity. The endocrine system may also affect some aspects of personality and behavior. An unhealthy endocrine system can result in thyroid diseases, osteoporosis and a variety of other problems, both large and small.

Protect your endocrine system, health and overall appearance by:

  • Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet
  • Be aware of family history pertaining to endocrine problems and take preventative measures against those problems which could be hereditary
  • Find healthy ways to eliminate stress that can result in disorders or a weakened immune system
  • Take a daily vitamin or supplement such as Biotin or others that support endocrine system hormones and glands

Server Etiquette

When you go out to eat at a sit-down restaurant that’s supposed to provide a friendly staff who serves your food and beverages and caters to your every need pertaining to that experience, do you judge that restaurant experience prior to entering the building?  I’ve held the title ‘server’ at seven restaurants in the past six years and it seems as if more and more guests come in to order with a negative attitude and a less-than-full wallet.  Your restaurant experience will really come down to the type of dining atmosphere from which you are choosing: location, depth and variety of the menu, types of food on the menu and their market prices (compared to other restaurants that have similar food and claims), quality of the food and beverages, staff uniform, gender-specific staff, socio-economic and education expectations among staff and other guests, hygienic qualities of the staff, cleanliness of the bathrooms, dining rooms, utensils, dishes and any other paraphernalia that is supposed to complement the quality and standards of the restaurant.

Your server can be trained to accommodate guests’ expectations for any restaurant by shadowing other co-workers, adhering to managerial instruction, studying the food and drink menus, knowing what each dish looks like and what it comes with, practicing scripts to guests and sophistication (or not) of those one-fits-all scripts/ individual and personal treatment to tables, and by up-selling specialty food and drinks (the customer buys a speciality beverage or entree based on your recommendations and knowledge of the dish/drink).  With each new serving job, the management, duties and atmospheres seem to be polar opposites from the prior and succumb to inefficiency without corporate affiliation.

Regardless to what the server knows about how the restaurant is run, the guest should enter the restaurant, look around, read a menu and decide if that restaurant is a yes or no for that dining experience.  At that point, if your server is impressing you with skills, attitude and competency, YOU SHOULD NEVER LEAVE LESS THAN AN 18% GRATUITY.  A SERVER’S ABILITIES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ABILITIES OF THE KITCHEN STAFF WHO PREPARED THE FOOD.  It is only the server’s responsibility to know what the food should look like, how they are supposed to serve that food, refill drinks when notified or noticed during a scanning round (casually looking around at your tables while they’re eating to see if they are low on anything/looks on their faces while eating/eyes searching for something or someone) and handling your money to pay for the bill.

***It is insulting to a server to receive lower than 18% if they’ve effectively performed everything listed above and gone above and beyond expectations, treating the guests like royalty.  We work hard for your tips doing absurd things other professions would never require and if you don’t have the money to tip 18% or more of the check, the solution is simple: DON’T EAT AT THAT RESTAURANT.  GO SOMEWHERE WHERE YOU CAN AFFORD TO TIP AT LEAST 18% AND THAT SERVER WILL BE PLEASED. ***

One last thing, your SERVER is not your SERVANT, so don’t treat them like one.  Use your manners and professional demeanor when out to eat.  Restaurants and their staff are businesses too.