Look and Dress for Success

There’s no better way to show off a hard-earned body than with this season’s latest fashion trends.  Express is kicking the spring line off by mixing tribal details and floral prints.  “Embroidered shorts, beaded sandals and breezy tops transport your state of mind to someplace tropical.”  The way you dress is a reflection of yourself and can say a lot about you to peers and prospective employers.  A great way to make a bold statement that reflects your personal style is to dress in a way that reflects your cultures and different heritages in a modern fashion.  I have Cherokee Indian in my bloodline from both sides of my family so I could easily incorporate feathers, leather and beads into my clothing and jewelry.  

Evidence suggests that society tends to attribute to those who are physically attractive the added qualities of sociability, friendliness, and competence. The appropriate standards for appearance are measured and dictated by societal norms, for which white culture often serves as a reference. Those who don’t measure up to society’s norms of aesthetics, appearance, and grooming are often perceived as ‘lazy, incompetent, and less productive’. Not only do these implicit biases affect social interactions, they also affect one’s ability to obtain employment. Employers often use appearance as a signal of an employee’s qualifications and even after hiring decisions are made, they continue to regulate the appearance of their employees through dressing and grooming policies.

Here’s a few tips for the next time you leave the house ready to take on the world:

  • Keep your hair looking natural.  You aren’t limited to the hair color you were born with but streaky, broken-off, grown out color is distracting and unpleasing to look at when talking to someone.  Keep all exposed areas clean, hydrated and shaved.
  • Always check magazines, social media sites, idea sites like Pinterest for the latest trends and styles.
  • Make sure the makeup on your face matches the current skin color of your neck and hands (or as close of a match as you can) and avoid overuse of tacky colors in eye makeup choices.  Follow makeup artists on YouTube to correctly apply a fresh and vibrant look.


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