Black Heart

I’m sure some of you have noticed by my recent posts and tweets, that yes, I’ve been going through a rather nasty breakup…but that’s ok. I’ve been going out with the same guy for two years now and our relationship has been rocky from the start.  We’re good, even great for several months at a time until some pathetic event triggers explosive, WWIII-type fights.  Fighting is never healthy for any relationship for too many reasons to even bother listing.  A relationship should be about support, trust, love, laughter, commitment, dedication, companionship and partnership.

I finally opened my eyes a few weeks ago and have come to see that if any of these elements are rusty or not there at all, IT’S NEVER GOING TO WORK.  Most importantly, if you and your partner have “broken up” at all, it’s easier to walk away the next time there’s a fight and that’s just not healthy for both of you.  Writing about my feelings seems to get a lot of anxiety off my chest but not everybody enjoys writing or being open about personal situations.  Being open helps you realize that maybe it’s not you and maybe it’s not your partner, it’s just the chemistry between you two.  Take a peek at your zodiac matches.

In the meantime, try to forget about relationships all together if you’ve experienced a recent breakup; a rebound partner is never a good idea.  Period.  That rebound person is going to end up getting hurt and think there’s something wrong with them when in fact, the problem is you because you didn’t give yourself enough time to move on and feel self-assured and confident again. I’m whipping myself into shape because when I look at myself in the mirror and see somebody I’m pleased to look at everyday, I know that I’m good enough for me so somebody else will eventually think so too. Think about your own future and the good things you have to look forward to instead of looking back at the bad things.